Nail&Beauty Salon in Redditch
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Hands and feets treatments

In our salon we offer all kinds of treatments beautifying nail ranging from classic manicure and a standard nail polish, to extending the natural plate with gel or acrylic as well as recently very popular Shellac.

Acrylic Full Set Extension (forms)- from  £35

French pink&white- £38



Maintenance– Infills /rebalance

infill* -from  £25
infill* more then 5 weeks -as new set

infill + shellac- from £30

extra replacement/repair during maintenance- £2
nail replacement outside maintenance -£4

*Infills - this includes the nails being tidied up and
reshaped, the cuticle area is then refilled with product.


nail removal with mini manicure- £10
removal when new set is put on- £5

Natural nail care

Shellac- 2 weeks manicure- lasting depend from condition
of natural nails

shellac color -£23
shellac french- £25

basic manicure- £5
manicure+ polish- £10
french manicure -£12
paraffin wax treatment -hands £10


polish- £15
shellac- £25

pedicure- *£30
medical pedicure- *£35
*add £5 for shellac

Nail art & gems

3D Flowers- from £1
aquarelle, one stroke flowers- from £2
swarovski crystals- from £0.30 each

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